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An important rule in building your small business company culture - don't hire assholes

How ‘the no asshole rule’ boosts your culture in a growing small business.

As I’ve mentioned before, in my opinion – most success in business (small business in particular) comes down to people. It was Jim Collins’ seminal book ‘Built to Last’ which really turned my thinking to where the value is in small business, and as I’ve said before – the hardest thing in small business. In [...]

Helping Micro-businesses Grow into a Small Business - the 'S' in SME

This site is packed with tips, tools and techniques that come from real small business experience (this is very different to medium, large and corporate experience). If you are about to take on your first staff member, or have around 5 staff currently and wish to grow your business, this site is for you.

There are plenty of sites and resources to help people start a small business, but not too many that help you grow a small business. This site gives you practical advice and steps on ways to improve your business once it has, or is about to get, more than a handful of staff.

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