The objective of this community of experienced small business bloggers is to share with you some of the mistakes, lessons learned and successes we’ve had along the way.  All bloggers have years of experience growing a business from a handful of people, to 10, 20, 30 even 50 staff.  We hope this will reduce the pain, time and debt you would have endured without these nuggets.

And for some, we hope it convinces you that business just isn’t right for you.  We believe not doing something can be as important as doing something.

Not many books or business resources will share this secret with you but small business is hard, especially under-capitalised small businesses.

Around 90% fail in the first 5 years. A further 90% of those that survive fail in the next 5 years. A lot of marriages/relationships/friendships/life savings/houses and even youth is lost along the way.

We aim to inject some realism into your education at the start of this journey, not hype you up and send you in the direction of your local company registration branch and have you burnt out and broke in 5 years’ time. While we do tell you it’s tough, we also give you valuable ideas on what to do to mitigate that risk or eliminate a mistake we’ve already made.

Our vision, mission and core values

Our vision is, we will:

help entrepreneurs make fewer mistakes and failures, and have the best chance of success in business growth, by sharing our experience with them and telling them what to do.

Our mission is to be:

the most practical website for entrepreneurs wishing to grow their small business.

Our core values:

  • Action – inspire and enable entrepreneurs to do
  • Work smart – leverage other peoples’ experiences and mistakes
  • Humility – share and do it selflessly
  • Integrity – do the right thing
  • Growth – focus solely on how to grow a small business

If you want to know how to set your culture – create your unique vision, mission and core values – you can read more here.

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