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An important rule in building your small business company culture - don't hire assholes

How ‘the no asshole rule’ boosts your culture in a growing small business.

As I’ve mentioned before, in my opinion – most success in business (small business in particular) comes down to people. It was Jim Collins’ seminal book ‘Built to Last’ which really turned my thinking to where the value is in small business, and as I’ve said before – the hardest thing in small business. In [...]

Being equity precious when growing your small business

Elephant or ant? Being “equity precious” in your small business can hinder its growth (and your pocket).

Here is one of my favourite quotes when it comes to strategy for small business. It beautifully sums up the quandary many entrepreneurs fall in to early in their business career, under the curse of being “equity precious”: Or, another common way this is put is – “it is better to have 25% of something, [...]

The 4 by 2 or 2 by 4 rule for growing small businesses

The rule of 4 by 2 for growing a small business.

A few months after writing about the rule of 4 (that small business is harder than most people think – especially to grow), I heard another battered, bruised and successful business owner put an even better twist on my rule of 4 for small business. He called it the rule of “4 by 2″. Here [...]

Growing small business legal tips

A growing small business moving from sole trader or partnership to a more “grown up” legal structure – like a Limited Company, Limited Liability Company and Limited Liability Partnership.

When you start out small, a common legal structure to use in a small business is “Sole Trader” (or a “Partnership” if there is more than one founder). This is fine in the early days, if you want to take a punt on a business idea. It is low cost and easy to make a [...]

Using QA to grow a small business

The value of QA – a Quality Assurance verb and habit.

QA (Quality Assurance) is a simple step and habit your small business can form and use to improve the quality of its outputs, with little effort and time. Especially if your business is professional services, ensuing important emails and documents are ‘QAd’ or simply read by someone else before they are sent out is one [...]

The best way to structure your information (folders and files) electronically.

A common thing I see as small businesses grow is the handling of their information is all over the place like a mad persons’ breakfast. Getting a good structure and policy in place early-on is another small thing that really helps your business grow. You need structure and a policy around how you store information, [...]

Writing for the web to grow a small business

A quick guide to writing for the web to boost your SEO.

As your business grows up one area that often needs a makeover is your marketing. A large part of your marketing is the words you write, the copy. If you don’t enjoy writing, or aren’t that good at it, outsource it – find an expert. But if you do enjoy writing the copy for your [...]

The SEO basics for growing your small business online.

As I wrote about in the quick guide to writing for the web to boost your SEO, there are some simple things you can change in the way you manage your online marketing and presence. With the knowledge from that post – which keywords and phrases you should target – and the below nuggets, you [...]

Why I hate small talk on a Monday morning

Why I hate Monday mornings – I’m a High D.

As I mentioned in the post on introducing DiSC®, I’m a High D. I nearly fell off the treadmill at the gym when I was going through the Manager Tools casts on each of the quadrants, listening to the cast on High Ds. I realised why some people (mainly High Is) really annoyed me at [...]

Meetings in a small business

Get your small business into a meeting rhythm.

When small businesses are growing, especially undergoing fast growth, communication is critical. As I like to say – “communication is the key to any relationship.” And as people are the hardest and most valuable thing in small business, effective relationships are crucial.  To have better relationships, regular and personal communication is needed. Early-on in your [...]

Grow your small business using a fun culture in your marketing

How 20 minutes invested in one email added $22m in value.

Well, almost. Derek Sivers and his team at CDbaby did a lot of other hard and smart work before he sold out for $22m in 2008 after 11 years in business. I just listened to this great Duct Tape Marketing podcast between John Jantsch and Derek Sivers. It’s the main marketing podcast I follow.  In [...]

Grow a small business using first or final Fridays

First or final Friday. Either way, it’s guaranteed to be fun and add value to your business.

This one is simple, effective and fun.  One Friday a month take some of your “fun budget” and hand it to a team member to organise an event the team (and each persons’ partner/friend) can participate in.  Everyone bonds much better, stress is reduced and you get to know your team in a different light [...]

Should an small business entrepreneur do an MBA

Why an entrepreneur is better taking a year off and lying on a beach than investing in an MBA.

Ahhhh, this old chestnut (I just know I am going to get flamed for this one!) I have close to 10 friends who have completed MBAs.  They are all very bright, driven and successful people.  But I noticed none are entrepreneurs. In 2010 a professor at London Business School mentioned to me only around 2% [...]

western town

7 simple things you can implement in a day to make your business look bigger and more professional.

Marketing a small business is often about holding up a façade – you know, those false walls or buildings in the old Western movies?  We need to do what we can, with the time and resources we have, to make our small business punch above its weight – particularly in the early days of growing. [...]


An easy way to measure if your customers love you in 21 minutes – use the Net Promoter Score (NPS). And it’s FREE.

This is a simple and quick tool to gauge whether your customers love you or not.  You get tremendous bang-for-your-buck implementing the NPS (Net Promoter Score) customer loyalty metric. It can be put in place in under an hour and take little time each week or month to compile the results – for tremendous intelligence. [...]

Grow a small business - check your ego at the door

Ego is not a dirty word.

A great line from the 1970s hit song of the same name from Australian band Skyhooks. We all have an ego.  The question is – do you understand yours and have it under control?  Most entreprenuers are overly confident (some arrogant) and come with a healthy ego.  There is an argument that this is needed [...]

Falling off the treadmill moment

Top tip to create an Operations Manual if you’re a High I.

It took my “falling off a treadmill” moment to really understand some people I worked with – staff as well as business partners. There wasn’t anything wrong with them, they were just different. And you need a variety of behavioural types in a business and team. High Is have a known weakness on follow-through and [...]

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