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An important rule in building your small business company culture - don't hire assholes

How ‘the no asshole rule’ boosts your culture in a growing small business.

As I’ve mentioned before, in my opinion – most success in business (small business in particular) comes down to people. It was Jim Collins’ seminal book ‘Built to Last’ which really turned my thinking to where the value is in small business, and as I’ve said before – the hardest thing in small business. In [...]

Meetings in a small business

Get your small business into a meeting rhythm.

When small businesses are growing, especially undergoing fast growth, communication is critical. As I like to say – “communication is the key to any relationship.” And as people are the hardest and most valuable thing in small business, effective relationships are crucial.  To have better relationships, regular and personal communication is needed. Early-on in your [...]

Grow a small business using first or final Fridays

First or final Friday. Either way, it’s guaranteed to be fun and add value to your business.

This one is simple, effective and fun.  One Friday a month take some of your “fun budget” and hand it to a team member to organise an event the team (and each persons’ partner/friend) can participate in.  Everyone bonds much better, stress is reduced and you get to know your team in a different light [...]

Creating a fun culture in growing a small business

Take 1% of your sales and invest it in a “fun budget”.

Yes, 1%*.  The purpose of your fun budget is to ensure you invest in a vibrant environment and culture in your business.  It forces you to think and act on the small things that your team will appreciate.  Note the word “invest”, that’s the third time I’ve mentioned it in these 53 words. This is [...]

Grow your small business using a simple employee satisfaction survey

Find out in 27 minutes flat if your team loves you.

Here is a quick HR/people win for you.  You’ll not only look more professional in less time than it takes to watch an East Enders or Neighbours episode, but you send a clear message to your team that you value them.  Set up a free online survey at the awesome tool Survey Monkey, add some [...]

London bus - right people on the bus wrong people off and right people in the right seats

The hardest thing in small business, and where the value is at.

Over the years, from speaking with other small business owners and entrepreneurs, the consensus seems to be the hardest thing in small business is people. Whether it’s customers, suppliers but mainly your team – rarely a week goes by without some kind of ‘people issue’. People have bad days, get sick, have varying levels of [...]


Too important for HR – YOU need to set and drive your company culture. The why.

This is one of the foundations you must invest in if you want to grow your small business fast, and with as little growing pains as possible. Sounds woolly – and being a High D I initially rejected it (there are tasks to be done people, so, why aren’t you doing them?) But the empirical [...]

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