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Growing small business legal tips

A growing small business moving from sole trader or partnership to a more “grown up” legal structure – like a Limited Company, Limited Liability Company and Limited Liability Partnership.

When you start out small, a common legal structure to use in a small business is “Sole Trader” (or a “Partnership” if there is more than one founder). This is fine in the early days, if you want to take a punt on a business idea. It is low cost and easy to make a [...]

The best way to structure your information (folders and files) electronically.

A common thing I see as small businesses grow is the handling of their information is all over the place like a mad persons’ breakfast. Getting a good structure and policy in place early-on is another small thing that really helps your business grow. You need structure and a policy around how you store information, [...]

Falling off the treadmill moment

Top tip to create an Operations Manual if you’re a High I.

It took my “falling off a treadmill” moment to really understand some people I worked with – staff as well as business partners. There wasn’t anything wrong with them, they were just different. And you need a variety of behavioural types in a business and team. High Is have a known weakness on follow-through and [...]

Delivery delivery on email out-of-hours to aid small business growth

If you MUST send emails out-of-hours, use this tip to aid growth.

OK, so you get back from a day of meetings around 7pm and to feel ‘clean’ you must clear your emails. It’s common in entrepreneurs to not be able to ‘switch off’ until they have processed their inbox. If you feel compelled to clear your emails out-of-hours (OOH), use this one tip – it will [...]

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