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Why I hate small talk on a Monday morning

Why I hate Monday mornings – I’m a High D.

As I mentioned in the post on introducing DiSC®, I’m a High D. I nearly fell off the treadmill at the gym when I was going through the Manager Tools casts on each of the quadrants, listening to the cast on High Ds. I realised why some people (mainly High Is) really annoyed me at [...]

Should an small business entrepreneur do an MBA

Why an entrepreneur is better taking a year off and lying on a beach than investing in an MBA.

Ahhhh, this old chestnut (I just know I am going to get flamed for this one!) I have close to 10 friends who have completed MBAs.  They are all very bright, driven and successful people.  But I noticed none are entrepreneurs. In 2010 a professor at London Business School mentioned to me only around 2% [...]

Grow a small business - check your ego at the door

Ego is not a dirty word.

A great line from the 1970s hit song of the same name from Australian band Skyhooks. We all have an ego.  The question is – do you understand yours and have it under control?  Most entreprenuers are overly confident (some arrogant) and come with a healthy ego.  There is an argument that this is needed [...]

The Art of (anti) Procrastination

The art of (anti) procrastination.

When I saw this true but painful video I harked back to the many months if not years of time I have wasted from pointless distractions.  Little threads of meaningless things I have picked at like a dangling stitch staring at me on a jumper.  By the end of it (the thread, or the day) [...]


Knowing me. Knowing you. An introduction to DiSC®.

A poignant line from that classic ABBA hit song of the same name. Before I left Australia in 2007 (to find, buy into and grow a small UK I.T. company, fast) I asked for some feedback from my fellow business partners and the General Manager we had put in place a few years earlier, to [...]

Worker Bee pic

Boost productivity and stress less – introducing the Worker Bee Habits.

Since 2006 I have been using something I’ve coined as the ‘Worker Bee Habits’.  The analogy allows me to explain to everyone – from individual contributors, to managers and owners / entrepreneurs – that these habits are something everyone in the company can adopt. It’s not something that only individual contributors, or even just “senior [...]

Ivy Lee public relations

The secret to guaranteed success.

This secret was imparted by Ivy Lee, the person credited with ‘inventing’ Public Relations (PR).  Napoleon Hill, the author of best-selling book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ used to recount the story of Lee’s amazing little secret revealed to Charles Schwab during the 1920s. According to Hill’s version of the story, Charles Schwab – who was [...]

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