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Being equity precious when growing your small business

Elephant or ant? Being “equity precious” in your small business can hinder its growth (and your pocket).

Here is one of my favourite quotes when it comes to strategy for small business. It beautifully sums up the quandary many entrepreneurs fall in to early in their business career, under the curse of being “equity precious”: Or, another common way this is put is – “it is better to have 25% of something, [...]

The 4 by 2 or 2 by 4 rule for growing small businesses

The rule of 4 by 2 for growing a small business.

A few months after writing about the rule of 4 (that small business is harder than most people think – especially to grow), I heard another battered, bruised and successful business owner put an even better twist on my rule of 4 for small business. He called it the rule of “4 by 2″. Here [...]

Falling off the treadmill moment

Top tip to create an Operations Manual if you’re a High I.

It took my “falling off a treadmill” moment to really understand some people I worked with – staff as well as business partners. There wasn’t anything wrong with them, they were just different. And you need a variety of behavioural types in a business and team. High Is have a known weakness on follow-through and [...]

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