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Grow your small business using a fun culture in your marketing

How 20 minutes invested in one email added $22m in value.

Well, almost. Derek Sivers and his team at CDbaby did a lot of other hard and smart work before he sold out for $22m in 2008 after 11 years in business. I just listened to this great Duct Tape Marketing podcast between John Jantsch and Derek Sivers. It’s the main marketing podcast I follow.  In [...]

Grow a small business using first or final Fridays

First or final Friday. Either way, it’s guaranteed to be fun and add value to your business.

This one is simple, effective and fun.  One Friday a month take some of your “fun budget” and hand it to a team member to organise an event the team (and each persons’ partner/friend) can participate in.  Everyone bonds much better, stress is reduced and you get to know your team in a different light [...]

Creating a fun culture in growing a small business

Take 1% of your sales and invest it in a “fun budget”.

Yes, 1%*.  The purpose of your fun budget is to ensure you invest in a vibrant environment and culture in your business.  It forces you to think and act on the small things that your team will appreciate.  Note the word “invest”, that’s the third time I’ve mentioned it in these 53 words. This is [...]

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