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Why I hate small talk on a Monday morning

Why I hate Monday mornings – I’m a High D.

As I mentioned in the post on introducing DiSC®, I’m a High D. I nearly fell off the treadmill at the gym when I was going through the Manager Tools casts on each of the quadrants, listening to the cast on High Ds. I realised why some people (mainly High Is) really annoyed me at [...]

Falling off the treadmill moment

Top tip to create an Operations Manual if you’re a High I.

It took my “falling off a treadmill” moment to really understand some people I worked with – staff as well as business partners. There wasn’t anything wrong with them, they were just different. And you need a variety of behavioural types in a business and team. High Is have a known weakness on follow-through and [...]

Grow a small business with KRAs

Running an effective KRA Managers meeting.

As we talked about previously, the KRAs (Key Reporting Areas) each have an ‘owner’. We need clear roles, responsibilities so we then have accountability. Not to be used in ‘management by fear’, the old autocratic style but to allow people the freedom to own their corners of the business – a much more effective approach. [...]

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