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Meetings in a small business

Get your small business into a meeting rhythm.

When small businesses are growing, especially undergoing fast growth, communication is critical. As I like to say – “communication is the key to any relationship.” And as people are the hardest and most valuable thing in small business, effective relationships are crucial.  To have better relationships, regular and personal communication is needed. Early-on in your [...]

Reducing admin time in a small business

The first thing most people do when starting work each day, and why you should cap it.

Ask 7 people what the first thing they do when they start work in a morning? Nearly everyone will say – “clear email”. So, go with reality. If that is what you feel compelled to do, don’t fight it – recognise it. When planning your day using the Worker Bee Habits, put in a 30 [...]

Worker Bee pic

Boost productivity and stress less – introducing the Worker Bee Habits.

Since 2006 I have been using something I’ve coined as the ‘Worker Bee Habits’.  The analogy allows me to explain to everyone – from individual contributors, to managers and owners / entrepreneurs – that these habits are something everyone in the company can adopt. It’s not something that only individual contributors, or even just “senior [...]

Ivy Lee public relations

The secret to guaranteed success.

This secret was imparted by Ivy Lee, the person credited with ‘inventing’ Public Relations (PR).  Napoleon Hill, the author of best-selling book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ used to recount the story of Lee’s amazing little secret revealed to Charles Schwab during the 1920s. According to Hill’s version of the story, Charles Schwab – who was [...]

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