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Being equity precious when growing your small business

Elephant or ant? Being “equity precious” in your small business can hinder its growth (and your pocket).

Here is one of my favourite quotes when it comes to strategy for small business. It beautifully sums up the quandary many entrepreneurs fall in to early in their business career, under the curse of being “equity precious”: Or, another common way this is put is – “it is better to have 25% of something, [...]

Grow your small business using a fun culture in your marketing

How 20 minutes invested in one email added $22m in value.

Well, almost. Derek Sivers and his team at CDbaby did a lot of other hard and smart work before he sold out for $22m in 2008 after 11 years in business. I just listened to this great Duct Tape Marketing podcast between John Jantsch and Derek Sivers. It’s the main marketing podcast I follow.  In [...]

Grow a small business - start with the end

Where to begin? At the end.

One of the first things I ask someone when I start mentoring them is “when do you want to sell?” After a few blinks and an incredulous look, most pipe up and passionately retort with “I haven’t even started yet, why would I think about selling!?”  To which I go on to explain the crux [...]

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