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Writing for the web to grow a small business

A quick guide to writing for the web to boost your SEO.

As your business grows up one area that often needs a makeover is your marketing. A large part of your marketing is the words you write, the copy. If you don’t enjoy writing, or aren’t that good at it, outsource it – find an expert. But if you do enjoy writing the copy for your [...]

The SEO basics for growing your small business online.

As I wrote about in the quick guide to writing for the web to boost your SEO, there are some simple things you can change in the way you manage your online marketing and presence. With the knowledge from that post – which keywords and phrases you should target – and the below nuggets, you [...]

Facebook Linkedin YouTube and Twitter for small business growth

Lock in your 5 main pieces of online real estate in less than 21 minutes.

As your business grows, managing your intellectual property and brand becomes more important. Often in the frenetic pace of growth we forget to cover off some important but really quick wins, our online land-grab is one of them. This post is all about ensuring you have your main online real estate covered off. Here is [...]

Winston Churchill quote

The 3 best sales and marketing learning resources for small business.

Apart from 2 very natural sales people I know through my mentoring, all businesses I have had contact with since I started in business in 1999 have the same challenge during their growth – how do I get more sales?  Here are 3 brilliant resources I recommend you go away and tear through to give [...]

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