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7 simple things you can implement in a day to make your business look bigger and more professional.

Marketing a small business is often about holding up a façade – you know, those false walls or buildings in the old Western movies?  We need to do what we can, with the time and resources we have, to make our small business punch above its weight – particularly in the early days of growing. [...]

Delivery delivery on email out-of-hours to aid small business growth

If you MUST send emails out-of-hours, use this tip to aid growth.

OK, so you get back from a day of meetings around 7pm and to feel ‘clean’ you must clear your emails. It’s common in entrepreneurs to not be able to ‘switch off’ until they have processed their inbox. If you feel compelled to clear your emails out-of-hours (OOH), use this one tip – it will [...]

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