The best resource to develop your team, and yourself as a manager. And it’s FREE.

Leadership when growing a small businessIn my 10+ years managing people in small businesses this is by far the best resource to develop yourself and your team of managers and supervisors.  I have not come across a resource anywhere near as comprehensive or as valuable as this.  And it’s free.

Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders. – Tom Peters

Check out Manager Tools. Bookmark the site and set up your podcast software to grab their weekly casts.  Act now.

Browse through the site and forums to see if these are useful for you, but I’ve found the most valuable part is the weekly Manager Tools podcasts (mainly because I can listen while exercising or in transit, better use of ‘dead time’).  Mark & Mike recently started the Careers Tools podcasts (for employees to manage and develop their own career), so be sure to duck into that list now-and-then to see if there are any relevant casts for you and your team.

The “Management Trinity” at Manager Tools is a must (one-on-one’s, feedback, delegation and coaching – yes, they can count, but they say “Trinity” sounds better.)

My only caveat with these wonderful casts is that Mark & Mike have big business experience, at Proctor & Gamble and other large corporations.  This website is all about growing a small business, so some of their content (e.g. politics, managing your career – moving between firms etc) isn’t necessarily relevant to you as an entrepreneur (or, hopefully, your team of managers and supervisors if you build, develop and keep them them!).   But I almost always get at least 1 nugget from each cast, they are an invaluable resource in developing yourself, your managers to be a more effective manager and your direct reports.

What a small business should do to improve its managers and supervisors:

  1. Browse through the Manager Tools website and forums to identify areas relevant for you
  2. Set up their weekly Manager Tools and Career Tools podcasts (via the RSS feed) onto your mp3 player
  3. Listen to at least the weekly Manager Tools cast from now on
  4. Go through their back catalogue and find relevant casts, download them and start working through them. Start with these topics, in this order:
    1. DISC
    2. The Management Trinity
    3. Hiring & interviews
    4. Communication
    5. Meetings
    6. Career Tools – see if there are good past topics which can help you
  5. Prescribe relevant casts to your managers and direct reports on their Personal Development Plan

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