Top tip to create an Operations Manual if you’re a High I.

Falling off the treadmill momentIt took my “falling off a treadmill” moment to really understand some people I worked with – staff as well as business partners.

There wasn’t anything wrong with them, they were just different. And you need a variety of behavioural types in a business and team.

High Is have a known weakness on follow-through and attention to detail. All of which are not good if you are a leader in the business and trying to roll out a centralised ‘Operations Manual’ – the corporate memory, with policies and procedures for the business to run. Recently listening to John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing interview Derkek Sivers I picked up an excellent nugget on this important business tool, and thought it was particularly relevant for High Is.

At 11:20 minutes in the cast Derek shares with us the hardest thing he found in business – delegation.

He also talks about how he mastered it, and the value he got from reading the first book any small business owner or grower reads – The E-myth Revisited by Michael Gerber. He espouses the value in creating an Operations Manual as Gerber recommends in his book.

So here’s the nugget when building-up your Operations Manual, especially if you are a High I and prefer verbal communication over written:

When you are building capacity in your business – creating the Operations Manual, and imparting your operational policies and philosophies on to your team – when someone asks you how to do something (or why), crowd a few people around, explain it to them and ask someone to document it.

What a small business owner / manager can do to implement an Operations Manual quickly:

  1. Create a Word on a shared network drive, or Google Document
  2. Let your team know this is where your company policies and procedures go
  3. When someone comes to you for direction on how (or why) to do something, verbally hand over the information (and to several people if practical) and ask them to document it in the Operations Manual

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