The value of QA – a Quality Assurance verb and habit.

Written by Troy Trewin

Troy has worked intimately with 26 businesses in 20 years. He knows their numbers, understands their growing pains and people issues and has helped with most financial aspects, as well as having coached on leadership and management.

November 27, 2019

QA (Quality Assurance) is a simple step and habit your small business can form and use to improve the quality of its outputs, with little effort and time.

Especially if your business is professional services, ensuing important emails and documents are ‘QAd’ or simply read by someone else before they are sent out is one simple to improve quality in your business.

During QA, the QAer reads through the words and looks for typo’s, grammatical and factual errors. This is especially important if the work is financial, say a complex spreadsheet. Choose a QAer that needs to be across the information anyway. So instead of them reading the material on a cc, they will have already read it and not need to read it again. And, they will have made it a better piece of word before you send it.

That’s it. Pretty easy. The team needs to think ‘is this email/document really important? If so I had better get someone to QA it.’

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